Today’s Supreme Court ruling is a threat to all women, and a threat to other genders whose mere identity is a target for the conservative members of the court.  Reproductive justice now firmly takes a proverbial backseat to reproductive justice, and we know from the abundant evidence from research conducted in the US and around the globe that the people who will bear the brunt of this conservative assault on women’s bodily autonomy are women of color, lower income women, and women in rural areas where abortion services were already limited.

These justices do not represent the majority of the US population that, in survey after survey, state their conviction that women have a right to determine their reproductive labor, and who support the right to abortion, even when that right is conditioned upon the preservation of the

mother’s physical and mental health, indications that the fetus has severe abnormalities, or when the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.  These justices do not represent the “right to life”: they are forced birth extremists who view a woman’s womb as an incubator in service of state interests.

For everyone who thought this matter was settled — who voted cavalierly or did not vote at all — this serves as a reminder that each vote counts and will count for years to come.  #NovemberIsComing.

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