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Legacies of War makes visible a widely hidden outcome of sexual violence and poses vital questions of increasing importance as we continue to face assaults on women’s reproductive rights and the natural environment. It would be of particular interest to those engaged with social and environmental justice, gender, Latin American studies, and human rights.”

— Nicole Coffey Kellett, Journal of Anthropological Research

Intimate Enemies is a very important work for the fields of anthropology and human rights. It is a unique, path-breaking ethnography of community responses to situations of extreme violence, of the clash of armed rebels seeking to overthrow the state and counterinsurgency soldiers.”

— Kay Warren, Brown University

Legacies of War provides deep reflection and raises difficult questions. As such, this is an important book for students of the Andes, global gender justice, and (post-)conflict violence and reconciliation. In addition, it is a very well-written journey through the possibilities and value of ethnographic work and scholarship.”

— Jelke Boesten, Journal of Latin American Studies

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