What if they had listened?

I first went to former dean Stephen Kosslyn and Senior Vice Provost for Diversity, Judith Singer, in 2010.  I provided a detailed account of the systemic gender discrimination in the department. I continued to speak out after students came to me with complaints of sexual harassment in 2012-2013. Judge Leo Sorokin ruled in Harvard’s favor, overlooking the abundance of evidence my legal team produced —– all of which remains sealed at Harvard’s request. How many lives were damaged and careers derailed because the Harvard administration did not stop this rampant behavior?  Harvard continues to treat this as a “PR problem,” and seems to be primarily worried about tarnishing the brand.  This is not a PR problem: this is about a climate in which sexual harassment was normalized; a climate in which the perpetrators were protected by the cowards and the complicit; a climate in which the fear of retaliation made even the decent people duck their heads and shut their mouths.  #TheMissingWomen


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