Taking Time, Taking Care

This past week has been “triggering” for many, exhausting for many more. I appreciate all who have reached out, and also know that working on the topics of sexual harassment and assault can wear us down. I believe the term is “weathering.” Call it a tempest, please. I have been inundated with messages, and want to reach out to each of you and support you. I also know I cannot. Boundaries and limits. While those of us who work on these issues — campus-based and beyond— struggle to respond, there are many more professors who are writing peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and monographs: they are probably white, cisgendered, middle classed, able-bodied males, and someone else is caring for their children or elders. Someone else cooks their meals and cleans their homes. For the rest of us: take time, take care. It may be a fleeting moment: a flash of sunshine; a canine familiar licking our ear; a loved one giving us a hug; a former student reaching out to let us know we made a difference. There are many ways to measure our days and our contributions. A resource below.

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