Being an ally: Our next moves and the people we love

Let each of us plan our next moves. There is too much at stake to remain silent now. I draw strength every day from my friends and colleagues who share a commitment to human dignity and decency. And let me say it: I am a relatively privileged white woman with a PhD. Trump and his kind will not come for me first— they will turn first on the targets Trump enumerated throughout his campaign. People of color, Muslims, members of the LGBTQ communities, undocumented workers, asylum seekers— they are on the frontlines of the forthcoming assault. So let us be the best allies we can. If the Trump administration registers Muslims, then state you are a Muslim. If the right to same sex marriage is repealed, then register as gay every time you must state your status. If asked your (binary) gender, check the box for Other. They will not come for us first, so we must be the buffer for what comes next. People we love are in danger.

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