Thank you, colleagues at the University of Oregon

I think we academics generally head off to give talks thinking we will travel long, give our lectures, and look forward to being back home.  I certainly look forward to seeing my partner and our ridiculously cute canine companions.  However, being at the University of Oregon  feels as though I am on vacation. The university is embroiled in the aftermath of a campus sexual assault, and there are protests and sit-ins.  I had the privilege of spending time with faculty members who are active in the protests, meeting with the university president and provost, standing up with their students to demand change. This is a stark contrast from Harvard where, to my knowledge, not a single tenured professor has said a word in support of our students and their Title IX Campaign.  How is it possible that no one had anything to say about the searing “Harvard: You Win” letter? I still do not understand it. So spending time with my colleagues here has soothed my soul. I needed this trip.  Thank you so much.







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