Elizabeth Warren: “For all of our daughters”

For all of us who live in Massachusetts, we are able to vote for Elizabeth Warren. We are most fortunate to have a candidate of her caliber, and we can send a message across this country by making sure she wins. Listen to her eloquent statement about doing right by “all of our daughters.”

3 responses to “Elizabeth Warren: “For all of our daughters””

  1. Thomas A. McDowell Avatar
    Thomas A. McDowell

    Ms. Warren is clearly the most valuable person to be a candidate for the U.S. senate. If she hadn’t been bulldozed by the financial heavyweights in the Clinton administration, the fainancial collapse of ’08 would not have happened!!!

    1. kimberlytheidon Avatar

      I agree that she is an excellent candidate, and a powerful spokesperson for consumer protection and financial reform. I certainly hope she wins!

      1. kimberlytheidon Avatar

        Impressive — Warren raised over $12 million is September alone. This is one of the most-watched Senatorial races. With good reason.

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