The Cabitos Trial, Ayacucho, Peru

The Cabitos trial continues in Huamanga today.  Yesterday two women testified about rape and other forms of sexual violence they endured in the military base.  “Alcira,” now over 70 years of age, was a young schoolteacher in the community of Machente.  She was detained and taken to the Cabitos base, where the soldiers stripped her naked. At that moment in the trial, the prosecutor asked everyone to leave the room so that Alcira could continue testifying in private.

A second, younger women also testified yesterday.  She was 17 years old when she was detained and taken to the Cabitos base.  She was subjected to soldiers touching her all over her body (other women we have interviewed mentioned the soldiers referred to this harassment as a “medical check-up,” laughing at the women’s humiliation). The soldiers then pulled her pubic hair, her breasts, and continued to torture her for hours.

And one final testimony from a man who was also tortured in the base, with electrical wires attached to his nipples and his genitals.  His testimony was punctuated by tears.

More testimony forthcoming today.

Thank you to Edith Del Pino, Praxis, Ayacucho office

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