Let’s follow Ann’s logic. Mitt spoke disparagingly about 47% of the American population, alleging “they” (playing on the binary of “us” and “them”) are victims, parasitic moochers, and dependent upon government aid.  Ann then asserts that all the criticism of Mitt distracts from what should be the key issue of this campaign: the economy.

How is Mitt’s writing off almost half the population as non-wage earning moochers NOT a clear example of how he views the economy? Isn’t he speaking precisely about the economy, and letting listeners know how he would pursue “economic recovery”?  His recovery would serve to further devastate everyone who does not have a seat around his table — and that exclusive circle extends far beyond the wealthy donors laughing along at Mitt’s insulting dismissal of 47% of the American public.

You know, this makes me think Mitt got one thing right in his address to the inner circle of donors: “We should use Ann sparingly so people don’t get tired of her.”

6.5 weeks to go until we vote, and Ann has already exhausted me.

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