My grandfather came to the US from Croatia when he was 13 and worked as a cook his entire life. He died of a heart attack before he could retire. My father was in the Navy, and it was the GI Bill that paid for his college education and helped him purchase the home I grew up  in.
My studies began at a local community college.  I waitressed and worked in retail all the way through college, and student  loans helped make up the gap between what I was able to earn and just how much higher education cost. I completed my PhD and am now an associate professor at Harvard University. I was never looking for a hand out, just a hand — something all of us, except the very rich, need at some point along the way.
Mr. Romney: I pay my taxes, I pay my mortgage, and I work full-time.  I am a proud member of that 47% that will never vote for you.

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